Monthly Archives: May 2014

Vote ‘Yes’ on August 5!

The statewide ballot initiative allowing voters to approve the transportation sales tax is just around the corner! Originally set for the November election, the initiative will now appear on the August 5, 2014 primary ballot. When approved, the 3/4¢ sales tax will generate approximately $5 billion dollars over the next ten years to improve Missouri infrastructure. Without the funds generated from the sales tax, Missouri will be unable to maintain its 33,000 miles of roadways. Now is the time to reach out to voters and communicate the importance of passing this tax. Click here for more information about Missouri infrastructure funding and vote ‘Yes’ on August 5!

National Infrastructure Week

It’s Infrastructure Week 2014! What better way to celebrate our Nation’s highways than National Infrastructure Week? From May 12-16, Infrastructure week explores solutions, innovations, and best practices nationwide. The week is dedicated to recognizing the role infrastructure plays in the Nation’s competitive economy, job creation, safety, and long-term viability. This is a great time to contact Members of Congress and communicate the need for a solvent Highway Trust Fund. If you have not reached out yet, now is the time. Click here to take action!