About Us

The Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA) was incorporated in March of 1990 by Missouri asphalt contractors. The contractors had a desire to create an Association that would represent those contractors with a desire to uphold the highest standards of quality and ethics. The Association was formed to represent the Missouri Asphalt industry to the Missouri Department of Transportation, Counties, Cities, and the Private sector, to promote the use of asphalt, to offer technical assistance and to provide the members current information about the industry.

While young in comparison to other states, MAPA quickly developed as one of the most progressive Associations. A transparent and open relationship with MoDOT has been fostered, relationships with contractors grew stronger, and membership had grown.

Our members represent companies from across the state and bring together a collective group of unique individuals. All of our members are proud to work in and promote the asphalt industry.


Currently, MAPA boasts:

  • 15 Producer Members
  • 15 Non-Producer Paver Members
  • 10 Bituminous Supplier Members
  • 4 Aggregate Suppliers Members
  • 60 Associate Members
  • 15 City/County/Consultants Members

Dale Williams

Our Directors – Past & Present:

  • 2010 – Present: Dale Williams
  • Aug. 1999 – Feb. 2011: David Yates
  • Jun. 1995 – Jul. 1999: Wayne Muri
  • Aug 1990 – Sept. 1994: Don Enders

History of MAPA


  • 3/19/1990 – MAPA Incorporated
  • 3/22/1990 – First Board Meeting held at Capitol Plaza, Jefferson City- Bylaws adopted
  • 8/1990 – Don Enders hired as the first Executive Director (8/1990-10/1994)
  • 3/1991 – First Annual Conference Held at Capitol Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City
  • 6/1995 – Wayne Muri named Executive Director (6/1995-7/1999)
  • 8/1999 – David Yates named as new Executive Director (8/1999-2/2011)


  • 4/2000 – MAPA established an endowed scholarship at UMR for Civil engineering graduate students.
  • 7/2000 –  MAPA-REF formed
  • 8/2000 – First Annual MAPA-REF golf tournament held
  • 4/2002 – MAPA formed PAC- Political Action Committee
  • 3/2003 – First MAPA website built and live
  • 2/2005 – Decided to endow a Chair at University of Missouri in Flexible Pavements to be paid over a five year period
  • 2/2005 –  The producer members of MAPA officially formed the Missouri Asphalt Industry Advancement Program (MAIAP) with the mission of bringing research, innovation and education in flexible pavement technologies to Missouri S & T and the University of Missouri – Columbia
  • 9/2009 – MAPA successfully raised the $550,000 for the funding of the Department Chair at MU


  • 8/2010- Dale Williams named as new MAPA Executive Director
  • 8/2010- Missouri hosts State Asphalt Pavement Executive Meeting
  • 5/2011- MAPA MoDOT joint pavement tour
  • 5/2011- MAPA hosts first Commission Dinner
  • 4/2012- MAPA teams with Missouri Transportation Construction Coalition- to host first Legislative Drive In.
  • 9/2012- MAPA hosts first board retreat
  • 11/2011 – The MAIPA and MAPA REF Board were able to present the final installment of the endowment for the Flexible Pavement Professorship to Missouri S & T
  • 11/2012- Sunset of MAIAP
  • 1/2013- MAPA hires first Assistant Director
  • 3/2013- Missouri Transportation Construction Coalition hold the first Infrastructure Needs Tour
  • 3/2013- Second Annual Legislative Drive-In held