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What is the 197 Club?

Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association is excited to invite you to join with other members, the 197 Club. The 197 Club represents a group of companies whom strive to support those initiatives of the Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association.

Members annual donation of $2,000 will go directly to support the Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association – Political Action Committee.


Interested in being a Founding Member?

Exclusive: 2020 offers the chance to be a Founding Member of the 197 Club. This is a unique opportunity to help found a club that will work to create positive change in the asphalt industry. Your initial donation of $3,000 in 2020 will establish you on this level.

Founding Members will also have the opportunity to have a private meet and greet with the guest at the Special Recognition Event.


Why 197 Club?

You might ask what the “197” means. The Missouri General Assembly is comprised of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The Senate consists of 34 members and the House of Representatives consists of 163 members, totaling 197 members of the Missouri General Assembly.

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Payment Instructions:

Completed forms due by November 1st, 2019


Member Benefits

Five (5) Lapel Pins
Two (2) 197 Club Shirts
Special recognition at all MAPA Events
Special recognition in the MAPA Directory
Special recognition on the MAPA Website
Special recognition dinner the evening before MAPA Legislative Day
Complimentary registration for one (1) for two (2) MAPA Events

Founding Members