About Us

MAPA members have long placed an emphasis on higher education in the state of Missouri. As testament to their generous support, MAPA is proud to administer a scholarship program available to students at both the University and Tech School level. Scholarships are available for students pursuing a degree in an infrastructure related field which may include engineering, construction management, geotechnical, surveying, diesel mechanics, heavy equipment operation, et cetera.

The award recipient will be selected on the basis of character, integrity, leadership, scholastic ability, and potential contribution to the infrastructure field. Scholarships are intended for students who are currently enrolled in an engineering, construction, or related field and who are pursuing further education in these respectable areas.

Interested and qualified applicants are invited to submit a completed application along with an essay of 500-1000 words explaining what they hope to accomplish during their career in the construction or engineering field. Applications will be read and judged by the MAPA REF Board.

MAPA Scholarship Application