Careers in the Industry

Did you know that 9 roads out of 10 are asphalt? And in any economy, there is always a need for people to help build, repair and maintain those pavements.

Our asphalt pavements are built by people like you, who live and work here in Missouri. Construction and maintenance of asphalt pavements could never be outsourced overseas.

The workers you see on the roads are only one small part of the equation. An asphalt road could not be constructed without many other people, including:

  • Raw material suppliers
  • Construction equipment distributors and retailers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Liquid asphalt workers
  • Asphalt mix producers
  • Truck drivers
  • Paving and compaction crews
  • Quality inspectors
  • Technicians
  • Engineers

The Asphalt Team

Asphalt Plant Crew

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  • Asphalt Plant Operator
  • Loader Operator
  • Plant Quality Control Technician
Paving Crew

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  • Truck Driver
  • Mechanic
  • Dump Person
  • Material Transfer Vehicle Operator
  • Paver Operator
  • Screed Operator
  • Lute Person
  • Roller Operator
  • Roadway Quality Control Technician
  • Traffic Control Personnel
  • Paving Supervisor
Engineering and Management

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  • Project Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Technical Director

Job Training

You need the right preparation for a career in asphalt. Here’s more information about the kind of training you’ll need. And don’t forget: Your school’s guidance counselors and staff are always ready to help you plan out your next steps–take advantage of the them!



An Associate’s degree is your ticket to many asphalt careers.

Your best preparation for many asphalt careers is your High School Diploma. A High School Equivalency Diploma (HSDE) or a certificate of General Educational Development (GED) works as a substitute for some jobs.

For some technical jobs, you need a few years of study after high school. Several Missouri colleges offer programs for earning a Civil Engineering Certificate or Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Pavement engineers need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. You can pursue this degree at several Missouri colleges and universities.


Licenses and Certifications

You need a Commercial Driver License (CDL) to drive large trucks on the road. This kind of license is not needed to run many construction vehicles on a closed job site.

If you become a quality control technician (for the asphalt plant or for roadway construction), you may need additional on-the-job training after you get started. Your employer may have you take one or more courses in Missouri’s Highway Technician Certification Program (HTCP). Certification can help advance your career and lead to new opportunities!

Pavement engineers need a Professional Engineer License (PE). You can get one after you earn an engineering degree, gain work experience in engineering, and then pass a test.