Featured Facts


Routine maintenance means milling off the surface for recycling, followed by placement of a smooth new overlay every 20 years.


The materials used in Perpetual Pavements are infinitely reclaimable, recyclable, reusable, and renewable.


Recycled asphalt saves tax payers 1.5 billion dollars each year through reduced construction costs.


Asphalt contractors in the state of Missouri used approximately 1.5 million tons of recycled asphalt in 2012. That is enough to pave a two lane highway (24’ wide) with three inches of asphalt from Saint Louis to Dallas, Texas!


Missouri has over 33,000 miles of surfaced roads.


A Perpetual Pavement is an asphalt pavement designed and built to last indefinitely without any structural reconstruction.


Of the 2.27 million miles of paved roads in the US, 94% are surfaced with asphalt, including 65% of the interstate system.


Studies have shown that on average, over a 40-year period, asphalt pavements are more economical than concrete pavements.


The smoother the pavement, the lower a vehicle’s fuel consumption.


Smoother pavements extend pavement life by as much as 10% to 25%.