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The Mission…

The Technical Committee shall work to continue the Industry’s strong commitment to quality by providing a unified recommendation to MoDOT in the developing or revising of proper specifications solely related to asphalt mixes, asphalt placement, maintenance applications, materials and inspection. The Committee shall seek to monitor the quality and most efficient asphalt production and placement, including maintenance products, which are being placed in Missouri, while striving to improve methods and materials.

Industry Topics

Asphalt Mixes
Asphalt Placement
Maintenance Applications

Future Meetings

February 25, 2020 – MAPA Office

March 24, 2020 – MAPA Office

October 20, 2020 – MAPA Office

November 24, 2020 – MAPA Office

Technical Committee

Shannon Sinn (Co-Chair) – Delta Companies Inc.
Chase Gabbert (Co-Chair) – Interstate Testing Services
Joe Schroer – N.B. West
Victoria Woods – Ingevity
Chris Piche – Phillips 66
Daryl Masingale – Delta Companies Inc.
Jennifer Breuer – Superior Bowen
Andy LaPlante – Interstate Testing Services
David Snyder – Journagan
David Marshall – Fred Weber Inc.
Joe Davis – Capital Materials
Jared Adams – Willard Asphalt
Ryan Casey – Pace Construction
Charles Denny – Emery Sapp and Sons
Andy Ernst – Pace Construction
Chad Odle – Coastal Energy
Jack Neel – Ideker, Inc.
David Wilson – Superior Bowen
Scott Quire – Bluegrass Testing Laboratory
Bobby Wills – Herzog
Kevin Hardee – Ideker, Inc.
Grant Wollenhaupt – Superior Bowen
Josh Kincaid – Willard Asphalt
Brett Stanton – Superior Bowen
Justin Dew – Superior Bowen
Hank Cuevas – Blacklidge Emulsions
John Kanney – Marathon Petroleum
Dodji Sossou – Marathon Petroleum
Stormy Brewster – Marathon Petroleum
Clinton Foster – Magruder Companies