Welcome to the Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association

The Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association is proud to represent the asphalt industry in Missouri. Founded in 1990, our Association has grown to serve asphalt producers and non-producers, oil suppliers, contractors, and parties with a commitment to the quality production of asphalt. With over 100 members, MAPA affords a strong network of asphalt contractors. Centrally located in Jefferson City, we are able to foster a strong relationship and continual dialogue with MoDOT. With the support of our members, MAPA is committed to continually promoting and growing the asphalt network throughout the state of Missouri.

SaferMo.com – Proposition D


Proposition D is a statutory referendum to fund Missouri state law enforcement and maintenance for highways, bridges, roads and streets. Because Prop D was referred to the statewide ballot by the General Assembly, Missouri voters have the final say on this important measure. Here is the ballot language you will see in the voting booth on November 6th:

Ballot Summary:
“Shall Missouri law be amended to fund Missouri state law enforcement by increasing the motor fuel tax by two and one half cents per gallon annually for four years beginning July 1, 2019, exempt Special Olympic, Paralympic, and Olympic prizes from state taxes, and to establish the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund?” 

Fiscal Summary:
“If passed, this measure will generate at least $288 million annually to the State Road Fund to provide for the funding of Missouri state law enforcement and $123 million annually to local governments for road construction and maintenance.”

News Release

For more information please visit www.SaferMo.com

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To all the asphalt and road construction workers, #ThanksforBuilding the smooth roads that Americans rely on from coast to coast.

Thank you, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, for your public support of PropD for Safer Roads & Safer Streets at @MissouriPress convention in St. Louis! Visit https://t.co/a2ZkAoH9kG and Vote #YesOnD on Nov. 6!

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