Welcome to the Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association

The Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association is proud to represent the asphalt industry in Missouri. Founded in 1990, our Association has grown to serve asphalt producers and non-producers, oil suppliers, contractors, and parties with a commitment to the quality production of asphalt. With over 100 members, MAPA affords a strong network of asphalt contractors. Centrally located in Jefferson City, we are able to foster a strong relationship and continual dialogue with MoDOT. With the support of our members, MAPA is committed to continually promoting and growing the asphalt network throughout the state of Missouri.

NCAT Report 19-03 – Best Practices for Determining Life Cycle Costs of Asphalt Pavements

NCAT recently released a report in May, NCAT Report 19-03, Best Practices for Determining Life Cycle Costs of Asphalt Pavements. Read the report here.

Download (PDF, 1.13MB)

Missouri lawmakers have approved a measure that could authorize $300 million of bonds to repair hundreds of bridges. https://t.co/WUcAi6mWrv

Whether you’re on two wheels or four, asphalt pavements make all the difference when it comes to a smooth and safe ride. #BikeToWorkDay

America needs better infrastructure to pave the way for future success. It’s time to #BuildForTomorrow with a pavement that performs. Asphalt’s flexible design can meet any need for infrastructure improvement.

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